Our firm has a national presence representing European, Chinese, Taiwanese, and U.S. product manufacturers, designers, distributors and retailers of bicycles, consumer goods, furniture, sports equipment and fall protection throughout the country and State of Illinois. The goal in representing your company in a product liability case is simple. Your reputation and years of hard work building a successful business are on the line. You demand the best and our attorneys are ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work on your behalf.

At the outset of each case, we team with the client to develop a complete history of the product at issue from its conceptual design through manufacture and sale to consumers. Our attorneys are familiar with the applicable product liability laws in each state, regulatory requirements for various products through the Consumer Product and Safety Commission and Food and Drug Administration, and trade association and industry standards. We apply this knowledge to develop a litigation strategy designed to efficiently resolve the case by dispositive motion, settlement, or trial.

We retain only experienced and fully vetted engineer and design experts. Our experts conduct visual and destructive testing of the product along with documentation of the accident scene through photographs, video, and in high exposure cases, 3D laser scanning. We also work with nationally recognized physicians, vocational counselors, and economists to mitigate damages, leverage settlement, and/or limit trial exposure.

Clients appreciate our detailed legal budgets to manage fees and expenses in what can often be a time-consuming and expensive process. From a purely economic standpoint, the cost of litigation is just as important to our clients and their overall business plans. We manage these litigation costs through competitive rates, timely and effective communication, streamlining the discovery process, and analytics through our legal software. We will only conduct work that is necessary to advance the case.

The Sherman Law Group will spare no effort to provide the type of service and overall experience to defend your product, business, and reputation. We would welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do for you!