The Sherman Law Group works closely with domestic and international insurers to provide coverage opinions and litigate declaratory judgment actions. Our work includes a variety of policies including property, commercial general liability, homeowners, and workers’ compensation.

Coverage cases should be litigated promptly once ripe. Our attorneys skillfully interpret the insurance contract and complaint in conjunction with the applicable case law to present a coverage opinion. Our firm is ready to litigate the case by conducting written discovery, taking depositions, and presenting dispositive motions. We have an excellent track record not only in local state and federal courts but in appellate courts throughout the country.

Clients appreciate our detailed legal budgets to manage fees and expenses in what can often be a time-consuming and expensive process. From a purely economic standpoint, the cost of litigation is just as important to our clients and their overall business plans. We manage these litigation costs through competitive rates, timely and effective communication, streamlining the discovery process, and analytics. We will only conduct work that is necessary to advance the case.

The Sherman Law Group will spare no effort to provide the type of service and overall experience to litigate your coverage disputes. We would welcome the opportunity to show you what we can do for you!